Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sewing some more

Working on a new table runner for my dining room table. It's in blues and purples and aquas. I wanted something summer-ish. 

Here is the start of it. 

Just keep adding to it. 

Attach next strip, right sides together. This way you are quilting the runner as you go. Way cool!!


Then batting. I am using a natural Cotten batting for this project. 

Lay down backing, wrong side up. I'm using a 40"x 15" piece for this runner. 
Then lay batting on top. 
Start sewing strips in middle. Lay first 2 right side together and see 1/4" seam on right side. Open up and press. Then just keep adding your strips, alternating sides. 

Sewing on the next strip. I use strips 2"-3" inches wide. A lot of my strips are 2.5" wide as I really like that width. You can do whatever you want. Such a great way to use up scraps!! My strips are cut at least 16" long. Enough to hang over the sides of the project. I'll trim them up later before I bind it. 

Open it up and press. 

If you look closely you can see the quilting lines. It's hard to see as I used matching thread. 

When all the strips are sewn on, trim off excess fabric. 

Now that it is all trimmed up, it's time to do more quilting. I usually do this one of two ways. 
1. Quilt in the ditch and in center of each strip. 
2. Quilt in ditch and presser foot width within each strip. 

Today I'm using the first way. I'm going to use basic white on the top and matching thread on the bottom.